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I am a skilled Technical Lead with 8 years of experience in various technical domains, including Cloud such as AWS, Azure and GCP, DevOps, DevSecOps, Software Development, AI, and ML .

As a leader, I have a proven track record of successfully leading teams of full stack developers, identifying potential issues, and providing solutions to overcome them. I have a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure and services such as AWS, Azure, and GCP , and I have designed and implemented scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based solutions.

My proficiency in DevOps and DevSecOps has allowed me to implement efficient software development practices, automate deployment pipelines, and integrate security into the development process. I have expertise in several programming languages, including .Net Core, Microservices, React, JavaScript, and JQuery have designed and built high-quality software applications that meet business requirements.

I am passionate about AI and ML and have leveraged these technologies to create intelligent solutions that automate complex tasks and improve decision-making processes. My profile section showcases my contributions to various projects, and I am always eager to collaborate with others to improve existing solutions or create new ones.


My Expertise


Full Stack



Using My Expertise

What I can do.

With my expertise in cloud, full stack, security, and AI/ML Ops, I can offer end-to-end solutions and bridge knowledge gaps for organizations struggling with integrating different technologies.

  • Cloud

    As cloud architect, I designs and implements the organization's cloud computing strategy, including selecting the cloud service provider, ensuring security, managing costs, developing policies and procedures, integrating with existing IT infrastructure, and planning migrations.

  • Full Stack

    As a full stack developer and technical lead, I work with technologies such as .NET Core, React JS, JavaScript, and databases like Postgres, Redis, and Cassandra. My role involves developing and maintaining web applications, providing technical leadership to the development team, and ensuring adherence to best practices and coding standards. I aim to develop high-quality web applications using microservices architecture that meet the organization's requirements.

  • Security

    As a DevSecOps professional, I use a variety of security tools such as SonarQube, Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, Nmap, Metasploit, Nessus, and Qualys to integrate security into the DevOps process. I automate security processes like vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and compliance checks to ensure consistent security across software development projects. My goal is to ensure that the software development process is secure, efficient, and effective, with security being an integral part from start to finish.

  • AI Ops / ML Ops

    As an AIOps and MLOps professional, I use machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize and automate IT operations. My role involves developing and implementing machine learning models and algorithms to detect and diagnose issues in real-time, ensuring that the IT infrastructure is highly available. I collaborate with the development and operations teams to integrate machine learning models into the CI/CD pipeline and use tools like Kubernetes, Docker, and Ansible to automate deployment and management. My expertise enables me to continuously improve automated processes, ensuring the organization delivers high-quality IT services.


Skills I have collected
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Elastic Search






Azure DevOps


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.Net Core






Entity Framework


Database Skills

Postgres SQL

Microsoft SQL

Mongo DB






Elastic Search




Experienced Cloud Architect, Technical Lead, and Full Stack Developer with 7 Years of Expertise in Cloud Computing, Microservices Architecture, Web Application Development, and Security Controls.

Reflexion.AI Pvt Ltd2022-Present

(Formerly Sciffer Analytics Pvt Ltd)

Technical Lead

Experienced in developing and delivering innovative software solutions for complex business problems.

Expertise in project management, leading cross-functional teams, and delivering successful multiple cloud and software projects on time and within budget.

Proficient in a wide range of programming languages and tools, including .NET Core, React JS, JavaScript, jQuery, Postgres, Redis, and Cassandra.

Strong background in designing and implementing scalable microservices architecture for web applications.

Knowledgeable in DevOps and CI/CD practices, including automation of build, test, and deployment processes using tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Skilled in implementing security measures throughout the software development life cycle, including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and compliance checks using tools such as SonarQube, Burp Suite, OWASP Zap, and other security tools.

Experienced in leading technical teams, setting technical direction, evaluating performance, and ensuring adherence to coding standards and best practices.

Strong understanding of AI/ML concepts and experience in developing and deploying machine learning models using frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Proficient in data analytics, including data modeling, and data visualization using tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Knowledgeable in Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban, and experience in applying them to software development projects for efficient and effective delivery.

Sciffer Analytics Pvt Ltd2021-2022

Technical Lead

Developed and maintained web applications using .NET Core, React JS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Integrated databases such as Postgres, Redis, and Cassandra into applications to ensure functionality and performance.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality applications on time and within budget.

Led technical discussions and provided guidance to junior developers to ensure adherence to best practices and coding standards.

Implemented agile methodologies to improve development processes and increase team productivity.

Conducted code reviews,Security, testing, and debugging to ensure the reliability and scalability of applications.

Sciffer Analytics Pvt Ltd2020-2021

Team Lead (Technical)

Sciffer Analytics Pvt Ltd2018-2020

Senior Software Developer

Sciffer Analytics Pvt Ltd2016-2018

Software Developer


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Frame Manufacturer


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